Pissing in front of strangers

I’ve done this before but only in private, if that makes it OK?

Previously I’ve pissed myself in front of people who liked that fetish.  I’ve pissed in front of peoples faces and onto them who liked that.  To be honest, I’ve never really understood why they like it but ‘cest la vie’

I think that the piddling in front of people just gives them the voyeurism that they really want and that’s why I did it.

At the time I was wearing my latex catsuit so no-one would know me and just unzipped and let rip a stream of piss. I was so full.

I have to admit….

…that sometimes I do get a little carried away with myself with these posts. Yes, I admit that I am a total whore when it comes to sex. Yes, I am totally addicted to mens cocks. Yes, I love sucking them and having my face spunked upon. Yes, I do love showing my pussy shape off in front of people (my huge cameltoe that I’m quite proud of (as I’m sure you know by now)). Yes, I wear unusual clothing either blatantly when I’m on a night out or just under my normal clothes to turn me on.

I am total whore when I come to think of it…but what is so bad with that? I sometimes think that I could make money by renting my cunt out and having fun at the same time. Being spunked upon or fucked then paid for it isn’t so bad. Yes, I’d smell bad while travelling home but that’s part of the turn-on; knowing you stink of sex and knowing that other people can smell it too. Dirty, nasty. That’s what I want to be 🙂


Total Fucktoy


You know I like latex and rubber. I went to a Fetish club on Monday and was totally enclosed in latex. My hubby and I went to Chester really to find out whether it was good or not and I only had my eyes and mouth open to the world and even had my nose plugged with two tubes. The people there were really nice and commented about my outfit with really wonderful words.

What really made me horny was the fact that they were talking about me like I was just an object. Just a total fucktoy that was there to simply watch and learn. I knew that my tits were on display under the latex, even if they were under a thin coating of rubber and my pussy lips were also outlined quite extremely for everyone to see (did I tell you about the shaping of the rubber? It really did show off my lips).

It also had a zip that went under my bottom and let me pee and other things. What this meant is also I could masturbate in front of people which I did…in front of a group of guys and their others. It was such a turn on. In my rubber hood I felt completely anonymous and let myself go. I was absolutely screaming and was in utter ecstasy. It was such a rush.


Showing off

If you have read my previous posts then you’ll know that I’m a bit of an exhibitionist. I do love showing my body to the public and watching their reaction. Sometimes it makes me interested and occasionally it makes me horny 🙂 I love the way that guys look at me with complete and utter lust in their eyes, imagining how they could bury their cocks in my tight and juicy cunt.

That’s just a fantasy of mine which fills my head every day – a cock in my mouth, also in my pussy, and in my ass…totally airtight. Oh my gosh, that would be amazing! I’ve never tried that before but being used as a total sextoy and fuck puppet just for the pleasure of guys cocks is something I’d be interested in.

With this thought in my brain I decided to go back to Chester and walk around the City since I’d had so much fun while there last time (see a previous post). I think I’m a complete nympho since I can’t stop thinking about guys cocks and everywhere I go I look at their crotches and wonder just what they might reveal as I kneel before them and they unzip themselves.

So, I dressed myself in the tightest clothes as I had – tube top with sculpted boobs, thin cotton stretch pants. Upon parking I parted my pussy lips around the seam. Seriously, I looked like a complete slut – a total hooker on the street. I absolutely loved the looks I was getting from guys. I liked they way they all looked between my legs since I’d given myself an impressive cameltoe to enhance my pussy lips. Honestly, it was outlined like I was naked; my pussy was open for all to see. Oh, my, God!

When in Marks and Spencer I tried out my new look by swinging my hips to accentuate my total and complete cameltoe in front of a bunch of guys. They we so fascinated and stared so much. One guy was staring and almost dribbling! Because of him I hitched my belt even higher to accentuate my cameltoe because I love people looking at my pussy. There were women looking too and most of them were kind of thinking of me as a total slut, which I like. This went so well that I walked out feeling completely horny and loved the feeling of my trouser seam pulling between my lips. I’m such a dirty girl 🙂


Fucked on a bus!

Hi all,

I’m sorry I haven’t been around for a while. This was for two reasons; work has been amazingly busy and I was just lazy 🙂 I haven’t stopped while I’ve been a bit silent on the blog…..if nothing else I’ve been busier than ever!

Because it’s been summer in the UK and the nights have been quite light I’ve been over to Bro**** quite a few times to suck some cock while hubby watches. I do love being spunked upon while he stands back with a huge tent in his pants. The feeling of warm cum on being squirted on my face is amazing and wiping it off with my fingers then sucking them in front of unknown strangers is such a turn-on. While I’m still covered I do like to let hubby fuck me in front of everyone so they can see how much of a slut I am 🙂

I went back to Chester the other day hoping to get another 18 year old to give him the blow-job suck of his life but this didn’t happen unfortunately. Hubby was away for a week and I was feeling horny as fuck so I was desperate. Feeling like this I had a nice vacuum pump to get my pussy lips good and swollen, and then wore the tightest jeans that I could find to show off my accentuated cunt. Why do jeans manufacturers make then with such a baggy crotch? I want them to be good and tight so everyone can see the outline of my pussy and make men drool….BTW, I am only allowed to call my vagina a pussy or a cunt – hubby has told me so.

So, while in Chester I was swishing my way through the Boots aisle and a guy approaches me. “We have a football team playing here. Would you like to support us?” Oh. My. God! A whole football team in front of me with their cocks and everything! Of course, I jumped at the chance and said yes…

A quick call to hubby was made and he said, “Go for it” so I did. I was shown round the tour bus very quickly and then on to the main event. There were four guys already wanking and nice and hard so I went to work on them; jerking two of them off while I sucked and licked two more cocks. It was amazing. Having a cock to hold or suck or wank or just rub against my face was incredible. I love cock!


Sluttiness and how to be a complete and utter SLUT

A few people have messaged me to ask how I became such a slut.  A lesser number have asked how to BECOME a slut.  These are two very different questions but I’m happy to answer both.

To address the first question, well, I think I’ve always been a slut.  And by slut I mean I just love, love, love sex.  Not the kind of loving and sharing pleasure (although that’s good too) but just the raw, animalistic act of fucking.  Having a cock in any one of my holes is exciting – just writing this is making me horny.  I guess this is what makes a woman like me so slutty; a fantastic imagination!  In my mind I constantly think of sex all the time.  Does this make me a nymphomanic?  Quite possibly, but a nymphomaniac needs to have sex all the time to satiate her need whereas I prefer the build up to sex and then the crescendo of orgasm, be it my own or someone elses.

Years ago, when I was a teenager at school I used to gaze at guys crotches and wonder just what they had in there.  I’d visualise how they looked and it didn’t matter whether they were eighteen or eighty.  Yes, I’d seen an occasional porno movie and magazines and such like and knew how it all worked but I was fascinated by the thought of seeing their cock grow from a lifeless appendage to a proud erect phallus.  Does this make me a pervert?  I don’t think so.  It was simply me being curious about sex and wondering what that wonderful world could bring.  Back then I didn’t know just how much of a kick I could get out of sucking, licking and worshipping a guys hard cock.  Just the feeling of a cock in my hand is enough to make my pussy swell and if I have a cock in both hands and one (or more!) between my legs then I’m in utter heaven 🙂

As a teenager I realised just how to get the guys to notice me and would wear skintight jeans, the shortest skirts and the thinnest, tightest shirts whenever I went out.  I loved the way guys would try and look without making it obvious.  Little did they know that I was getting a massive turn-on from their surrepticious stares.  Up to this very day I love the excitement of showing off and get an extra bit of horniness whenever my behaviour raises a tent in a random guys pants.  My ultimate goal would be to make a stranger cum in public just by him looking at me!

I’ll answer the question of how to become a slut in my next post….stay tuned 🙂

New people for dogging!

As you know I love stranger sex.  The feeling of sucking a cock that is owned by someone completely unknown is such a kink for me.  I think the kick is that I’m being used as just a hole for sex, being used for somebody’s (anybody’s) relief.

I do think that guys need to relieve themselves more than women in a sexual way.  When I chat to my work colleagues they sometimes tell me of how their guy needs to go the toilet and wank themselves off just to get themselves through the day.  This seems totally normal to me since guys do have a greater sex-drive than women, especially when they are young.  I would love to help one of those 18 year olds ‘relax’ themselves 🙂

I look at “The Call Centre” on BBC3 and see so much possibility.  They are all young, horny and have no commitments. I could teach them so much.  Those guys there are simple, inexperienced and open to possibilities.  I could corrupt them 😀  They would never know what they were getting into.  Hehehehe.

I could take them so far into kink….but I wouldn’t.  I’ll let their wives/girlfriends do that but just knowing that I’ve set the seed is good for me.

Has this happened to you?  Have you had the idea while you were young and carried it throughout your life?  I have and after a lot of years confronted it.  It’s great!

Comments please