My New Playtoy – The FuckBox!

I’ve been looking for a new experience for a little while now.  Something that could combine my interest in being used as a simple spunck loving cum-dumpster and my love of submission.  Well, I think I may have found it!

If you’ve been following my blog you’ll know that I don’t post too often but when I do my posts are an outbursting of enthusiasm and when I read them back to myself I can remember exactly the feelings that I experienced when I wrote the original.  Knowing my posts are read by people who are enjoying themselves just as I did when I wrote them is truly satisfying.  Now, I know that some people who read my posts will be put off by my honesty and openness but that’s not my problem.  I’d like some public opinions on this so I’m open to hearing all and sundry speaking their brains and letting the world know what they think of my blog.

Now, back to the point of this post.  Hubby had very kindly bought me a FuckBox for Christmas.  I’d never heard of one of these but kind of knew something was being planned since he’d made me bend over and very carefully measured me some months previous; the length of my shins; how far I could comfortably bend over for extended periods; even the length of my neck!  I knew this was for something special but didn’t like to ask.  I do love surprises so knew it wasn’t my place to ask and it would simply spoil it if I knew what was going to be delivered.

When it was delivered I was absolutely shocked.  It’s a box with a hole in the lid maybe about four feet long, the front quarter of which is hinged to allow the user to put their head into it.  The hinged section can then be closed leaving the user with their arse up in the air and their head trapped in the box not knowing just who is feeling, touching or plugging their ass and pussy. 

That’s how I found myself.  Head in a box and just heard mens quiet voices outside of it.  Then I felt hands stroking up my legs as I had my introduction to the FuckBox and kneeled with my head in there.  Fingers and breathes were felt at my obscenely displayed crotch until a cockhead finally nudged its way between my sloppy labia and I felt that familiar fullness of a cock in my needy cunt.  Now that was a relief, since I’d been on the edge for more than an hour!  I think I counted about seven fucks but can’t be sure whether they were the same guys or not, I just know that I was fucked, every delicious load spunking their juice into this cum-dumpster.


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